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Find local resources at Rehab Center: help line available in Spokane(509) 624-7273Women's Healing and Empowerment Network(509) 323-2120Focused on serving clients who identify as Christian.

The suspect has been detained, and the child has been placed into protective custody. Today, November 17, before AM, Spokane Police made contact with a male outside the Public Safety Building to assist with two young children who had been left in his custody.Criminals will often use the internet to disguise themselves when carrying out their criminal intentions, and many times one person can use multiple online identities to accomplish this goal.Remember to be cautious about what you share on the internet, and who you share it with.The Police Officers soon learned a six month old baby was still outstanding.The male advised a female he had met on Facebook had taken the baby with her, and he had been unable to contact her again.

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  2. In 2016, there was a record number of offences related to dating apps - with 50 sex crimes involving Tinder and Grindr being reported to Scotland Yard in the six months to June.

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